Class Description
margin-xxl Applies margin: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-xl Applies margin: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-l Applies margin: var(--space-l); to element
margin-m Applies margin: var(--space-m); to element
margin-s Applies margin: var(--space-s); to element
margin-xs Applies margin: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-xxs Applies margin: var(--space-xxs); to element

No Margin

Class Description
no-margin Removes margin. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues
no-margin-vertical Removes margin top and bottom. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues
no-margin-horizontal Removes margin left and right. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues
no-margin-top Removes top margin. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues
no-margin-right Removes right margin. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues
no-margin-bottom Removes bottom margin. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues
no-margin-left Removes left margin. Note: !important is used to override specificity issues

Margin Auto

Class Description
margin-auto Applies margin: auto; to element
margin-vertical-auto Applies margin-top: auto; and margin-bottom: auto; to element
margin-horizontal-auto Applies margin-left: auto; and margin-right: auto; to element
margin-top-auto Applies margin-top: auto; to element
margin-right-auto Applies margin-right: auto; to element
margin-bottom-auto Applies margin-bottom: auto; to element
margin-left-auto Applies margin-left: auto; to element

Margin Negative

Class Description
margin-negative-xxl Applies margin: calc(var(--space-xxl) * -1); to element
margin-negative-xl Applies margin: calc(var(--space-xl) * -1); to element
margin-negative-l Applies margin: calc(var(--space-l) * -1); to element
margin-negative-m Applies margin: calc(var(--space-m) * -1); to element
margin-negative-s Applies margin: calc(var(--space-s) * -1); to element
margin-negative-xs Applies margin: calc(var(--space-xs) * -1); to element
margin-negative-xxs Applies margin: calc(var(--space-xxs) * -1); to element

Margin Vertical


Class Description
margin-vertical-1 Applies margin-top: 1em; and margin-bottom: 1em; to element
margin-vertical-3-4 Applies margin-top: 0.75em; and margin-bottom: 0.75em; to element
margin-vertical-1-2 Applies margin-top: 0.5em; and margin-bottom: 0.5em; to element
margin-vertical-1-4 Applies margin-top: 0.25em; and margin-bottom: 0.25em; to element


Class Description
margin-vertical-xxl Applies margin-top: var(--space-xxl); and margin-bottom: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-vertical-xl Applies margin-top: var(--space-xl); and margin-bottom: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-vertical-l Applies margin-top: var(--space-l); and margin-bottom: var(--space-l); to element
margin-vertical-m Applies margin-top: var(--space-m); and margin-bottom: var(--space-m); to element
margin-vertical-s Applies margin-top: var(--space-s); and margin-bottom: var(--space-s); to element
margin-vertical-xs Applies margin-top: var(--space-xs); and margin-bottom: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-vertical-xxs Applies margin-top: var(--space-xxs); and margin-bottom: var(--space-xxs); to element

Margin Horizontal

Class Description
margin-horizontal-xxl Applies margin-left: var(--space-xxl); and margin-right: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-horizontal-xl Applies margin-left: var(--space-xl); and margin-right: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-horizontal-l Applies margin-left: var(--space-l); and margin-right: var(--space-l); to element
margin-horizontal-m Applies margin-left: var(--space-m); and margin-right: var(--space-m); to element
margin-horizontal-s Applies margin-left: var(--space-s); and margin-right: var(--space-s); to element
margin-horizontal-xs Applies margin-left: var(--space-xs); and margin-right: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-horizontal-xxs Applies margin-left: var(--space-xxs); and margin-right: var(--space-xxs); to element

Margin Top

Class Description
margin-top-xxl Applies margin-top: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-top-xl Applies margin-top: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-top-l Applies margin-top: var(--space-l); to element
margin-top-m Applies margin-top: var(--space-m); to element
margin-top-s Applies margin-top: var(--space-s); to element
margin-top-xs Applies margin-top: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-top-xxs Applies margin-top: var(--space-xxs); to element

Margin Right

Class Description
margin-right-xxl Applies margin-right: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-right-xl Applies margin-right: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-right-l Applies margin-right: var(--space-l); to element
margin-right-m Applies margin-right: var(--space-m); to element
margin-right-s Applies margin-right: var(--space-s); to element
margin-right-xs Applies margin-right: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-right-xxs Applies margin-right: var(--space-xxs); to element

Margin Bottom

Class Description
margin-bottom-xxl Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-bottom-xl Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-bottom-l Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-l); to element
margin-bottom-m Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-m); to element
margin-bottom-s Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-s); to element
margin-bottom-xs Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-bottom-xxs Applies margin-bottom: var(--space-xxs); to element

Margin Left

Class Description
margin-left-xxl Applies margin-left: var(--space-xxl); to element
margin-left-xl Applies margin-left: var(--space-xl); to element
margin-left-l Applies margin-left: var(--space-l); to element
margin-left-m Applies margin-left: var(--space-m); to element
margin-left-s Applies margin-left: var(--space-s); to element
margin-left-xs Applies margin-left: var(--space-xs); to element
margin-left-xxs Applies margin-left: var(--space-xxs); to element