Turret 3.3.0 Released: The Accessibility Update

Turret v3.3.0 is here 👍 and has some great improvements for accessibility with the addition of focus states for controls and selects as well as a a new look with WCAG 2.0 AA colors! 🎉


  • Added @list-item-padding vairble defintion for List Items for nicer spacing
  • Added :focus and :hover styles to both selects and controls for better focus indication
  • Updated default input focus color to @info
  • Added typography.less to remove margins from the top and bottom of typographic elements that are the first and last children of a parent element
  • Updated default styles for label, button, and mark elements
  • Updated default font size stack to 2.0rem, 1.8rem, 1.6rem, 1.4rem, and 1.2rem
  • Updated default margin and padding global variables to 8.0rem, 5.0rem, 3.5rem, 2.0rem, and 1.5rem
  • Updated default height global variables for buttons and inputs to 6.0rem, 5.0rem, 4.4rem, 3.6rem, 2.4rem
  • Added @button-letter-spacing varible definition for buttons
  • Added pa11y dependancy for accessibility testing
  • Updated default table font formatting


  • Form message font family property fix
  • Fixed pointer-event: none; bug on control labels
  • Added -webkit-apperance: none; on input[type="search"] to remove iOS input shadows


  • Added Theme to the documentation with a kitchen sink of all styled elements
  • Updated syntax highlighting theme