Turret 3.2.0 Released


  • Documentation running on Jekyll 3.0.2 for github pages.
  • Updated documentation using Markdown
  • Updated homepage
  • Removed custom fonts from documentation
  • Added search to documentation
  • Added button-icon classes for <button> and .button to allow for easy SVG icons
  • Using rem units for sizing across the board for easier responsive sizing using @root-font-size
  • Added flexbox utiltiy classes
  • Added .uppercase(@letter-spacing) mixin that takes @letter-spacing to customise of uppercase text
  • Added styles for the <mark> element

Breaking Changes

  • Simplified <table> styling, breaking change to responsive tables
  • Added styles for <input> on :hover
  • Removed input group size classes, rather rely on the sizing of buttons and inputs independently
  • Removed @base-font-size variables in favour of @root-font-size being applied to the document :root. Works the same way as before with xlarge, large, medium, small and xsmall breakpoints


  • gutter-bottom and gutter-top classes multiply @gutter by 2 to maintain same distance between elements as side gutters
  • Paragraphs within the <blockquote> inherit styling to allow for the use of <blockquote> without a <p> tag within
  • @list-item-line-height added using paragraph line-height as default
  • Removed borders on buttons as default
  • Added @table-margin for <table>using paragraph margin as default